Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding our services.

Wrinkle Reduction

What is Wrinkle Reduction used for?

It is used for treating frown lines, forehead furrows, eye lines (crows feet), lip (smoker) lines, down turned mouths and dimple chins, neck rejuvenation and the treatment of migranes. It is also used for preventing excessive perspiration in under arms.

Is it safe?

Yes it has been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use and has been used for over 20 years without any known long term problems. The safety record is well established It is amongst the safest treatments avaible today to correct lines and wrinkles of the face and neck. It does not damage  nerves or muscles. the possible side effects are fully explained at the consultation, but can include headaches, bruising, numbness, slight swelling and  rarely temporary drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow.
Eyelid ptosis is the most unfortuate side effect of Botox. There are two possible problems eyelid or brow ptosis which can occur when the glabella (frown lines) or forehead are treated, not crows feet. Eyelid ptosis is the most commen when the glabella is treated. Usually it is because the Botox is placed too close to the central brow arch. Brow ptosis can occur when the brow has laxity and too much Botox is used so the brow is completely paralyzed drooping the brow onto the eyelid. Both consequencies are rare and temporary lasting approx 2-4 weeks. I have yet to see either in my practise.

How does it work?

The Botulimum toxin blocks the nerve transmission to the muscles under the skin. Facial lines formed by the dynamic action of underlying muscles will then diminish or disappear.

How long will the effects last?

Everyone responds differently so the effects vary from person to person. Generally the life span is between 3-4 months but most clients will have a lingering result for another 1-2 months. In the begining you may need treatment every 3 months especially if the muscle movement is strong, but clinical trails indicate that the duration of the treatments  benefits is increased over time so that you should require injections less freqently in the future.

Who is suitable for Botulinum toxin?

It is suitable for most people apart from those who are pregnant or breast feeding. People taking medication to thin the blood are more likely to bruise.Clients with allergies to certain antibiotics are advised against its use.

Are the injections painful?

The needle used is really small but there is some pain as the needle enters the muscle injected. Most people tolerate this just fine as it only lasts seconds. The pain varies on injection sites some not hurting at all whilst others sting a little. I use deep breathing to assist with pain management. The treatment discomfort is minimal and resolves quickly. No sedation or local anasethic is required.

How will I look after the treatment?

There is a slight redness immediately after which settles within a few hours and application of ice helps and is easily covered with makeup. There can be a small bruising at the sites of injection but this too can be covered with make up. The results are amazing. the skin will appear smooth and more youthful. The vast majority of clients are extremly pleased with the result.

What can and can't I do after the treatment?

Within 4 hours of the treatment people are advised not to do:- vigorous exercise, bend over with the head low down, drink excessive alcohol, apply make up or lie down flat. Do not rub or massage or have facials for 24hrs after your treatment. Otherwise life can carry on as normal


What is the difference between the products?

The main difference is the size of the gel particles. Most are gels and have the same structure.

How is the treatment performed?

The gel is injected into the skin in small amounts using a very small needle. This produces volume under the wrinkle, lifting and smoothing. When enhancing lips or facial contours the gel adds volume and shape to the treated area.The filler continues to improve by drawing water to itself.

Does the treatment hurt?

This varies between people and the areas treated. Topical Anaesthetic (cream) ice,dental blocks can be used to contol the pain This would all be discussed at the consultation.

How long does it take to treat?

No pre test is needed, treatment usually takes about 30 mins.

What areas can be treated?

The most common areas are the Nasolabial folds(from the nose to the mouth) Marionette Lines(downward lines at the corners of the mouth) Glabellar Lines(between the eyebrows) and Lips

How will I look afterwards?

You can expect redness, some swelling,tenderness,bruising and itiching. These is a normal reaction to the treatment. These effects are tempory and disapear after a few days. Of course everybody reacts differently some people have very little reaction and some have more eg. deeper bruising which can last for about two weeks but can be covered with make up. Lips may become swollen and look uneven this can last for a week or more gradually improving.

What to do after?

During the first 48hrs you should not rub or massage the area. Avoid puckering the lips for the first 2 days.Untill the redness and swelling have resolved do not expose the area to intence heat(sunbeds/sauna/sunbathing) or extreme cold.

Can you have treatment if you suffer from herpes?

There is a risk that the injection could contribute to an eruption so prophylactic antiviral treatment should be considered.


Skin peels: Who does it suit?

It can be used on all skin types and does not require weeks of skin preparation. The chemical peel and treatment protocols can be tailored to suit the patient’s individual skin type and condition.

Skin peels: How long does it take?

The treatment itself takes around half an hour, but it may be longer depending on the product and treatment chosen. A chemical solution is applied to the area being treated and you will feel an initial warm sensation as the chemical becomes active. A post peel cream is then applied. 2-3 days later, your skin will begin to peel to reveal the healthy new skin beneath.

What other treatments should I consider?

Facial skin peels can be combined with many of our other treatments.

Facial chemical peels: What’s right for me?

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