Botulinum toxin type A is used to treat lines that have been caused by hyperactivity of the facial muscles of expression.

Treating Neck Rings and the Décolleté.

This involves the horizontal lines (rings) around the neck and the décolleté (the chest). Lines in this area can be treated if the problem areas are superficial and not as a result of excessive tissue. Excessive tissue creates actual wrinkles or folds of tissue that are unsuitable for treatment. The results are better on thinner patients. The lines are subcutaneously injected (just under the skin). The lines will fade but may not go completely but most patients are very pleased with the results.

Treating Platysmal Bands

These bands (muscles) are found by ‘grinding’ down on the teeth and projecting the jaw forward. This manoeuvre should show the platysmal bands clearly, if decided that treatment would be beneficial (not so in all cases) the bands are injected, this can help improve marionette lines, improve jaw definition, reduce the prominence of bands and soften horizontal neck lines. The best candidates are those who have slender bands where the muscle can be felt with ease. Patients with a good deal of skin laxity are not generally great candidates.

Nefertiti Mini Lift

This tightens the neck and jaw line. The posterior band and under the jaw is injected. This has the effect of sharpening the jaw line.

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