Fine wrinkles can be reduced with chemical peeling and deeper lines will remain soften. 

Most brown marks, freckles & pigmentation can be removed or lessened, especially age & liver spots (lenigines).  However, pigment changes can be caused by a peel in people prone to this complication due to their skin type. Scaly patches and rough skin (keratoses) can be removed but very thick keratoses may need additional treatment for complete removal.  Skin that is thin & fragile such as sun-damaged skin & bald scalp skin can be significantly rejuvenated.

Scarring can occur with strong acids but it is unusual with weaker ones.  The most common causes of scarring are infection & pulling off the skin before it is ready to peel both which are avoidable.  Chemical peeling is not a substitute for a facelift, it doesn’t tighten sagging skin, stimulate collagen production or remove broken capillaries.  Chemical peeling is not appropriate for people who continue to have excessive sun exposure. Cold sores can be activated in those who are prone to this condition but may be prevented with anti-viral medication.  Increased pigmentation may occur but resolves with time & can usually be prevented by diligent use of a sunscreen for 3 months after the peel.

Depending on the type of peel used the skin will go pink or swollen over the next 24-hrs. Once the initial burning has worn off it feels tight but isn’t painful. Over the next few days the skin dries & may look slightly discoloured. Although water will do no harm, soap should be avoided.

The skin will begin to flake 3-7 days later & must be left to come off at its own pace.  Once the skin has healed, make-up may be applied over the new skin.  Sometimes a secondary peel occurs during the second week in the form of dry, scaling skin.  Sunscreen SPF 30 is mandatory for at least 3 months & moisturisers are also helpful.  Chemical peeling can be repeated to achieve the desired result between 2-4 weeks. It can be repeated at any time therefter in the future & will not harm the skin.

The habitual use of sunscreen will prevent further sun damage & maintain the improved skin quality.  The use of vitamin creams, AHA creams or enzyme creams can also help improve the texture & reverse some of the effects caused by years of sun exposure.


Very superficial peels


Clay-based mask for professional peel treatment.
Glycolic acid 30%
pH 2.5


Greasy, acne-prone skin, visible pores, excess sebum, dermatological facial cleansing.


Not for use on patients using Vitamin A Acid.

Avoid exposure to UV light for at least 48 hours after treatment.

Instructions for use

1. Cleanse the face using Cleanser 5, rinse and dry.

Do not use an alcohol or acetone-based toner.

2. Apply 2ml of the product evenly to the skin using a spatula or with gloved fingers.

3. Leave for 2 minutes to take effect.

4. Rinse with lots of water.

Mask Peel may be applied up to 4 times in total at 2 weeks intervals.


We recommend to combine the peel with a well tailored personal care treatment at home.

Light peel

Glycolic acid is used, which is a mild chemical solution. These are the most common peels and remove the top layer of skin to reveal healthy skin underneath.

They are for superficial skin problems only. It is quick and easy, and often known as a “lunch-time procedure”. The face is cleansed and the peel applied for around ten to fifteen minutes. You may experience a mild tingling, stinging feeling. The peel is either left on or washed off depending on which product is used.

The skin will be pink afterwards but there are usually no after-effects apart from sometimes dry skin and some patients do break out in small spots but they resolve quickly. There may also be faint discolouration or blotches but these should fade soon after. You should repeat the procedure every week for four to six weeks, then monthly after that. Your skin should be radiant and glowing afterwards.


Easy TCA: a good appearance rediscovered.

Trichloroacetic Acid 15%

This is a medium depth peel.

It is most effective in reversing sun damage, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, treating mild acne, removing hyperpigmentation, liver spots and other sins of ageing.

They can be used on the face,hands and chest areas.

They can be used on all types of skin including black and Asian.

Cannot be used whilst pregnant or breast feeding.

Recommended treatment once a week for four weeks.

MASK PEEL – Mild Peel Product

EASY TCA – Medium Peel Product

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